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Friends Only

Hey, so if you're reading this then you're obviously interested in finding out what's hidden within my journal.

If you want to be added then that's not a problem, all I want is one small thing.

I'm not asking for presents (although any footballers are gratefully recieved!) all I want is a comment on here.

Just leave me a comment and let me know where we met or why you think we'd be great friends and I'll add you back :)
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crack fic

Title: Rescue
Characters: Sergio, Varane, Benzema, Lass & passing mention of various RM players
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I checked but as far as I know, the real players do not live in my imagination therefore this is very unlikely to be true
Words: 1200 ish
Summary: No-one's seen Varane for days, so Sergio sets out to find him

A/N: Total crack that all snowballed from a weird and wonderful Twitter discussion based around this gif of Ben and Lass guarding their fellow country man

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Merry Christmas


Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas is a pair of nice young men,
A rugby player, a footballer. I don't mind,
A determined man with plenty of gysm,
Broad shoulders. Smooth chest. And a tight behind.

Dear Santa,

I promise that I won't hurt them,
I just have a few games I'd like to play,
They'll be well fed and cared for. Truly appreciated,
And I'll return them to you on New Year's Day.

Lots of love,

Merry Christmas everyone!
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Turkish Tales!

Merhaba from Turkey!

So, I was milling around at a loose end, trying to avoid doing any work and realised that despite having lived here for 6 weeks I hadn't yet posted up any pictures of my new flat ... so, without further ado, here's where I live ... I live in my 7th floor flat with 2 other teachers - Richard and Kat. Richard works in the high school as an English teacher and Kat works with me in the primary school as both English and Art teacher.


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GNev/Scholesy kiss

Bon Voyage

So in about, an hour I'm heading off to the airport for my flight to Andalucia for summer camp, and you won't see me for at least 4 weeks if not a little longer by the time I get home/unpacked and all that jazz.

So, I will be on hiatus till then and I expect to come back in August to all my bbs present, correct and still at the right clubs or imma cut people, k?


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Ohai thur muse, nice of you to return

Title: The responsibility of winning
Characters: Raul, Guti, Sergio, Iker
Pairings: Raul/Guti and Sergio/Iker (if you squint)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I checked but as far as I know, the real players do not live in my imagination therefore this is very unlikely to be true
Words: 1100 ish
Summary: Real Madrid win the CDR final and before Sergio even thought of the idea of dropping the trophy, he has to deal with the pressure of winning.

So I haven't written anything properly for months or published it on my LJ for even longer because my muse upped and left. Well in watching the CDR Final she decided to come back and grace me with this idea ... despite having forgotten how to write in the past year, somehow I still ended up with this. I'm not 100% sure about it but I'm hoping this is what I needed to write to shift the rust out of my system.

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